Marketing Test: Identify the Ideal Marketing Strategy for Each Business

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Put your marketing hat on and identify the best of the two marketing channels/tactics to use for advertising each of these Business Organizations. Marketing requires a thorough understanding of the entire process cycle which involves: Understanding the business and the market that your company is operating in Identifying who your customers are Coming up with a strategy to meet your … Read More

Why Branding? Branding Explained with Examples

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The reality of running a business in the modern era is that too many firms are operating in a competitive market where the product, price and everything being offered are pretty much the same. So how does a company differentiate itself from its competitors? The answer lies in branding and positioning your company at a different level through branding. While … Read More

SEO Strategy: One Substantial Reason Why It Works For You

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Potential customers come to Google’s search engine and type in ‘product relevant’ keywords in the hope that they find reliable websites (like yours) who provide them with precise products that they are looking for.  In doing so, these potential customers are looking for trustworthy sites who fulfill their need as per their requirements. Trust is thus the major influential factor … Read More

How SEO Works: SEO Explained Through a Real Life Example

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  For people who are not into marketing, SEO is often a subject that leaves them bewildered and wondering how it works, or what effort goes into getting optimum results. They often fail to understand the functionality of Search Engines. While outsourcing this particular area of marketing, business owners are often left wondering who is the right service provider? Can … Read More

Customer Behaviour to Search Results

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89% consumers search for products using search engines (Source: PR Newswire). 78% customers are influenced by company posts (Source: Forbes). These numbers are prima facie indicators of the relevance of digital marketing and PPC. PPC Customer Behaviour Google AdWords when used correctly present the fastest way to appear on the first page. PPC requires in-depth research of keywords to identify business … Read More