Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing or Paid Advertising, is the fastest and best way to generate instant business. PPC is the strategy where search engines like Google offer you ad space on their platforms which can be utilized by firms to reach out to their customers in an instant way.

The process begins when you identify and bid for the relevant keywords that you believe your customers would be using to find your business on the internet. Once you identify those keywords and submit your ad to Google, your ads are reviewed and displayed instantly.

Quadrant PPC is a Google Certified Partner and we help you implement the PPC strategy in the best possible way where you attain desirable results instantly.

PPC Audit
A complete review of your existing PPC campaign would be done with focus on functioning of core factors like keywords, quality score etc. A report on your existing PPC campaign would be provided that will give you a fair idea on where your existing PPC strategy stands and how it can be improved.

Pay Per Click Audit Hyderabad
Google Adwords Keyword Research

Keyword Research
An exceptionally run PPC campaign would fail to deliver desired results if appropriate keywords are not used which could also lead to money being misused. Thus making ‘Keywords’ a critical aspect of your PPC campaign. Quadrant PPC helps you identify the right keywords that your potential customers are using more often to search for your products/services and then bid for them accordingly.

Creating Campaigns
Once we understand your business and identify the relevant keywords, we determine how exactly campaigns should be created for your products/services. We structure the campaigns based on your requirements, like whom you are willing to target, which location are you willing to focus on and the amount you are ready to spend on the campaign and so on. An efficient campaign would generate a good ‘Quality Score’ and also deliver increased click-through rate (CTR) and conversions.

PPC Campaign Creation
PPC Text Ads

Ad Text
Ad text is the first impression on a potential customer and something that needs to be worked on efficiently. We at Quadrant PPC ensure in creating customer friendly ads to attract visibility and increase the CTR.

Bid Management
Bidding is a critical aspect, as this would determine if your money is being spent in the right manner. We monitor your campaign to ensure you’re not over spending on any keyword. We undertake market research to determine the right amount to be bid for each keyword and also the cost per click (CPC).

PPC Bid Management
PPC Campaign Monitoring

Campaign Monitoring & Reporting
Creating campaign is just the first step in PPC management. Once the ads are up and running, we regularly monitor the campaign to see if it is achieving desired results. Campaigns are optimized on a regular basis based on the real time data that provides us information on how the campaign is functioning. Any essential changes are made to increase visibility.

We maintain transparency and believe in providing our clients a regular update on how the campaign is functioning and if desired results are being met.

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