Customer Behaviour to Search Results

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89% consumers search for products using search engines (Source: PR Newswire). 78% customers are influenced by company posts (Source: Forbes). These numbers are prima facie indicators of the relevance of digital marketing and PPC. PPC Customer Behaviour Google AdWords when used correctly present the fastest way to appear on the first page. PPC requires in-depth research of keywords to identify business … Read More


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While PPC is a paid online marketing tool, SEO is a free marketing tool and both are used to generate traffic to the website. In internet terms, PPC is generates traffic inorganically, while SEO generates traffic organically. Isn’t Organic Better? Organic is good, but it is a slow process and needs active support from inorganic marketing tools like PPC to … Read More

PPC vs Banner (or) Billboard Ads

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While the billboard for your business in a prominent location within the city may help create a great reach, is it being viewed by the target audience? Also, how much time is it taking to pay for the investment? With PPC marketing, one can track every aspect of your marketing campaign including reach of your ad, how many potential customers … Read More

Understanding PPC and why it should be part of your advertising strategy

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The power and reach of internet cannot be ignored even if you are a brick-and-mortar establishment with highly localised client or B2B organisation which is running well on word-of-mouth publicity. As per a blog on, titled “10 Surprising Statistics on Pay per Click”, 1 in 3 searches on Google is local, and top 3 ad spots get 41% of … Read More

What exactly is ‘Pay Per Click’ Marketing?


Evolution of digital era has seen significant changes in the way firms are transforming their marketing strategies to best suit their business needs and cater to the huge market that exists over the World Wide Web. In the process of assisting these business organizations reach out to their customers, search engines like Google are providing suitable advertising platforms. One of … Read More